what happens when two cooks decide to open a restaurant….

Hello Friends, Toronto, and whoever else has stumbled on to our blog,

I guess I should start by introducing ourselves- my name is Brittany Peglar and my partner’s name is Colin Reed. We have been in the process of opening a restaurant for about 8 months now, the last two more intensely than the first six. We are hopefully days away from open, so it has now become more of a reality than I can believe. We are opening a brunch restaurant & cafe in Riverdale, an area that is in transition you can definitely say. Colin Reed will be manning the savory and I will be womanning (I guess?) the sweet and the hope is that we will be able to work for ourselves for the rest of our lives (fingers crossed).

We have been lucky enough to find a diner at Logan and Gerrard that we are turning into Hammersmith’s, our first restaurant. We will be offering brunch Wednesday – Monday until 4pm and yes, we will be taking reservations. Our tea menu will be from Steeped and Infused, which we are very excited about, as they were kind enough to load us up with lots of tea to try out. Our coffee is coming from Reunion Island, french press for dine in. One of the things I’m most excited about is the meat from Sanagan’s Meat Locker. We are getting the best food in, so we can put the best food out. That’s really what we want this restaurant to be all about.

So with the countdown on, we created this blog as we do not currently have a webpage (coming soon… I promise!) to help spread the word. We are first and foremost a chef and a pastry chef, then owners. Food will always come first, because to us that is really what is critical to our success. So read on, we are Hammersmith’s and it is lovely to meet you.